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Energy Fund - Past Program

Providing a low-cost finance option to public institutions interested in performance contracting. The Energy Fund is a public-private cooperative endeavor that provides publicly funded entities the low-cost financing necessary to implement energy conservation strategies.

Funds are available through the Department of Energy and Natural Resources, in coordination with the Louisiana Public Facilities Authority, and may be used for guaranteed shared savings contracts, also known as performance contracts.

In addition to performance contracting, other types of energy-efficient initiatives may qualify for the Energy Fund and will be reviewed on a case-by-case basis.

Energy Fund Program Description

Benefits of Performance Contracting

Energy Fund Brochure

Case Studies (PDF)

The Projected Impact of Energy Conservation Legislation: The Energy Fund

Relevant Legislation

Act 1184 of the 2001 Regular Session
Energy Management Act of 2001

Act 989 of the 2003 Regular Session
Requires performance-based energy contracts to be reviewed, approved, and overseen by the Office of Facility Planning and Control

Act 869 of the 2004 Regular Session
To provide for performance-based energy efficiency contracting for services and equipment

Act 814 of the 2006 Regular Session
Provides for award of certain Performance-based energy efficiency contracts by political subdivisions

Act 270 of the 2007 Regular Session
Requires that certain state-funded major facility projects meet energy efficiency standards