Office of Mineral Resources

Leasing Manual

How to Acquire a Mineral Lease on State and State Agency Lands and Water Bottoms in the State of Louisiana


Step 6: Submission of Bids on State and State Agency Tracts Offered for Mineral Lease
A. Summary of the Bid Submission Process

Interested, registered parties submit sealed bids on the entirety or a portion of a state or state agency tract advertised as offered for state or state agency mineral lease to the Office of Mineral Resources, using the official Bid Form, generally no later than 12:00 noon CT on the Tuesday immediately prior to the Wednesday sale at which the tracts will be offered unless otherwise noticed. Each bid shall include payment to the Office of Mineral Resources of the cash payment (bonus) bid and, if a portion bid, also include a description of the acreage portion bid upon, including a map, on both paper and DVD or CDROM. LSA-R.S. 30:127.