How to Register with the Office of Mineral Resources

Basic Procedures

1.    All applicants and prospective and current leaseholders of state mineral leases shall register certain information and proof of authorization to do business in the state of Louisiana with the Office of Mineral Resources (OMR) and, thereafter, renew their registration by January 31st of each year [LA R.S. 30:123.1(B)].  Transfers or assignments of state mineral leases shall not be granted to prospective leaseholders that are not currently registered with the OMR [La. R.S. 30:128(A)].


2.    Complete a Registration Form


3.    Attach a copy of the following specified items from the Louisiana Office of Secretary of State's website located at :

Entity                                                           "Detailed Record" Webpage Required

Corporation                                                   Good Standing Status Required

Limited Liability Company                                Good Standing Status Required

Partnership                                                   Current Active Status Required

Individual/Sole Proprietorship                         No "Detailed Record" Webpage Required


4.    Submit form and copy of the Louisiana Office of Secretary of State "Detailed Record" Webpage (if necessary) as follows:

Mailing Address
Post Office Box 2827
Baton Rouge, LA

        (225) 342-4527       

or Angela.Patterson@LA.GOV  


Contact Angela Patterson
 (225) 342-4519
email: Angela.Patterson@LA.GOV