How-To Guide

How to Submit a State Agency Lease for State Mineral and Energy Board Approval

The basic procedures for a State Agency to submit its mineral lease to the State Mineral and Energy Board for approval are set forth below.  For comprehensive requirements, including items to be submitted with the lease, please refer to the Docket and Lease Ownership Section – State Agency Lease Checklist.

Should you have any questions, please contact Cristina Vince at (225) 342-5002 or via email at

Basic Procedures
  1. Ensure the State Agency has followed all of the procedures set forth in LA R.S. 30:126 and 30:127 as would be required for the state to grant a mineral lease on its land and water bottoms.

  2. Prepare a packet containing all of the items set forth on the State Agency Lease Checklist.

  3. Check the official State Mineral and Energy Board Meeting Schedule and submit the packet no later than the State Mineral and Energy Board Lease Sale for the month immediately prior to the State Mineral Lease Sale at which the State Agency lease is to appear on the State Mineral and Energy Board Docket for approval, to the Office of Mineral Resources, Attention: Docket and Lease Ownership Section, 617 N. Third Street, 8th Floor, Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802.