How-To Guide

How to Obtain Royalty Payment Information

The basic procedures for obtaining royalty payment information are set forth below.  For comprehensive information, please refer to the Minerals section of the Strategic Online Natural Resources Information System (SONRIS).

Should you have any questions, please contact Angela Marshall at (225) 342-4552 or

Basic Procedures
  1. The Office of Mineral Resources (OMR) only has responsibility for the collection of royalty payments on state owned lands and water bottoms.  Unfortunately, OMR is unable to answer questions regarding royalty payments due to an individual from a lease on privately held lands. OMR recommends that individuals with such concerns retain private counsel to handle matters on such leases.

  2. A LUW (Lease, Unit, or Well) code is a six digit code assigned by the Office of Conservation for the purpose of recording production.  OMR uses the same LUW code to record royalty payments.  The Payor Register Report allows the user to view all the current payors for a LUW code.

  3. The Property Decimal Report is a report that contains information that is used in establishing the payor decimal.  This report allows the user the option of obtaining historical data for a specific LUW code.