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How to Acquire an Operating Agreement

The basic procedures for acquiring an Operating Agreement on State acreage are set forth below.

Basic Procedures
  1. Review La. R.S. 30:209(4)(a) to determine if your situation fits the general criteria to qualify for an Operating Agreement.

  2. Discuss your situation with Greg Roberts (225-342-1080) to confirm that your situation may qualify for an operating agreement.

  3. Submit preliminary information (Data required prior to meeting [Download:Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF)]) to Greg Roberts.

  4. Call Rebecca Roberts (225-342-4545) to schedule a meeting with the staff.

  5. Meet with the staff to present your proposal and submit additional information (Data required on day of meeting [Download:Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF)]).

  6. After the meeting, if the staff has indicated it will recommend an operating agreement in your case, you must send a letter to Emile Fontenot requesting to have this matter placed on the Legal and Title Committee Agenda at the next State Mineral and Energy Board Meeting. If the Board concurs with the staff, it will authorize taking the affected property out of commerce and grant authority to the staff to negotiate an operating agreement.

  7. The staff will conduct a technical study and provide you with the terms of the operating agreement.

  8. If you agree with the terms of the operating agreement, the document must be prepared, signed, and advertised prior to final approval by the State Mineral and Energy Board.

  9. Submit two (2) fully executed (originally signed, witnessed by two (2) witnesses and duly acknowledged) instruments PLUS whatever number of additional instruments you wish returned to you to the Office of Mineral Resources together with a check made payable to the Office of Mineral Resources or the State Mineral and Energy Board in the full amount of Five Hundred Dollars ($500.00), no later than the date of the monthly State mineral lease sale-which is the second Wednesday of each month- of the month before the said advertised item is to be placed on the docket for formal approval.

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