How-To Guide

How to Obtain Approval for DownHole Commingling on State Leases

The basic procedures for approval of downhole commingling operations on state leases are set forth below.

Should you have any questions, please contact Charles Bradbury at (225)-342-9199 or

Basic Procedures
  1. Cover letter should be submitted that includes information identifying:

    1. Well name and serial number;
    2. State lease number(s);
    3. Names of any units and LUW code; and
    4. Discussion of operations and justification for down hole commingling.

  2. Attach a copy of any application for down hole commingling submitted to the Office of Conservation or Mineral Management Service and any other subsequent correspondence received in response to the application.

  3. Portion(s) of the 5” electric log showing all sands involved.

  4. Well bore schematic illustrating completion.

  5. Production history from all sands involved including gauges of any wells currently producing from either sand involved.

  6. Structure maps (will be held confidential) of each sand involved that clearly illustrate the reservoir geometry and physical location relative to any lease boundary.

  7. Pressure history from the sands.

  8. Economic justification (if that was the given reason) to downhole commingle.

  9. OMR staff will review the information provided and ask for more information or issue a letter of no objection.