How-To Guide

How to Obtain a Voluntary Unit Agreement on State Leases

Should you have any questions, please contact Jason Talbot at (225)342-4621 or via email at  Jason.Talbot@LA.GOV.

Basic Procedures
  1. To schedule a meeting with Office of Mineral Resource (OMR) staff, contact Becky Roberts via email at  She will respond with dates and times that OMR staff are available to meet for your consideration.

  2. At this scheduled meeting, please provide the proposed unit plat, geologic data, and interpretations (well logs, structure maps, etc.) which support the proposed unit.  Copies of data and information which is given to OMR staff will be held confidential.  If available, seismic data along with a velocity survey should be presented as part of the supporting technical information for the proposed unit.  OMR's staff will advise of any changes to the unit boundary or special requirements for inclusion in the unit agreement.  In most cases, at the conclusion of the meeting, OMR staff will advise if recommendation will be made to the State Mineral and Energy Board (Board) for approval.

  3. The next step is the preparation of the agreement [Download:Microsoft Word Format (DOC)orAdobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF)], including a unit survey plat.  Circulate the document for appropriate signatures and submit the agreement to OMR staff for review and eventual submittal to the Board for approval.

  4. OMR requires three (3) notarized original executed instruments with the plat attached, signatures of all working interest owners and each signature must be witnessed by two (2) individuals.  This documentation, plus a check in the amount of five hundred dollars ($500.00) payable to the "Office of Mineral Resources" should be sent to the attention of Cristina Vince.

  5. If correct documentation is received by OMR staff on or before the day of the current month's Board Meeting, the item will be placed on the Board's Docket for review and potential approval at the following month’s Board Meeting.

Should there be any questions about registering to become a Payor, please call the Supervisor of the Royalty Reporting Section at (225)342-4552.

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Voluntary Unit Agreement Form Microsoft Word Format (DOC) Adobe Acrobat Portable Document Format (PDF)