State Mineral and Energy Board

The State Mineral and Energy Board administers the state's proprietary interest in minerals and is composed of the Governor, the Secretary of the Department of Energy and Natural Resources, ex officio, and nine members appointed by the Governor. Six members constitute a quorum.  Names and addresses of the current State Mineral and Energy Board Members

The Governor may appoint Board Members engaged in the industry and related business activity and each appointment shall be submitted to the Senate for confirmation.  Each appointed member shall serve a term concurrent with that of the Governor making the appointment.

The State Mineral and Energy Board (Board) is the exclusive body with the authority to lease for development and production of minerals, oil, and gas, any lands belonging to the State of Louisiana, or the title to which is in the public, including road beds, water bottoms, vacant state lands, and land adjudicated to the state at tax sale.

The Board may lease state agency lands as well, upon agency request, and may grant exclusive and non-exclusive permits to conduct geophysical and geological surveys of any kind on state-owned lands and water bottoms.

The Board is also authorized to explore and develop state lands and water bottoms subject to its leasing authority on its own behalf or through others contracted for that purpose.  It may conduct geological and geophysical surveys of any kind; equip, drill, and operate wells or mines for the production of minerals; construct, operate, and maintain necessary or convenient facilities for saving, transporting, and marketing mineral production; enter into operating agreements; and do all other things which may appear to be necessary or desirable for the state's benefit.

The Board has the responsibility for administering all existing mineral leases on state lands to ensure maximum development and production and to ensure full compliance with the terms and conditions of the respective leases. It may act to recover nonproducing leased acreage, annul or amend leases, join in pooling and unitization agreements, elect to receive in lieu unit production or proceeds or in-kind royalty, or enter into agreements to offset, compensate, or recover from royalty underpayment or overpayment.

The Board has final approval of transfers and assignments relating to state mineral leases or state-owned mineral rights, of state agency mineral leases issued by the agency directly, and of mineral leases entered into by state banks in liquidation.  It also executes division orders directly or through staff and ensures proper statutory-mandated parish and dedicated funds transfers.

The Board manages significant portions of its responsibilities through five reports:  Nomination and Tract, Lease Review, Audit, Legal and Title Controversy and Docket Review.  Report members review with the staff all matters requiring Board approval and make recommendations to the composite Board.  Details about the functions of the reports, and the current Board Members, are available on this website.

Staff support to the Board is provided by the Office of Mineral Resources which conducts the day-to-day operations of the Board's business and provides it with the information and technical advice necessary for the accomplishment of business at its meetings.

The State Mineral and Energy Board meets at the call of the Governor, generally holding its meetings and State Lease Sales on the second Wednesday of each month in the LaBelle Room, also known as the Conservation and Mineral Resources Hearing Room, located on the 1st Floor of the LaSalle Building, 617 North 3rd Street, Baton Rouge, Louisiana.