Office of the Secretary

Denise Hernandez

617 North Third Street
P.O. Box 44277
Baton Rouge Louisiana 70804-4277
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Fax 225.242.8210

Management & Finance
Fiscal & Budget Division


The Fiscal and Budget Division provides complete financial management services for the various offices of DENR, constituting five separate budget units. Its functions include annual budget preparation, maintaining accounts reflecting the department's revenues received and costs incurred, and providing financial management reports and advice.



Contact Information:

Latangia Brimmer

Receivables Manager

- Cash Receipts for DENR Agencies

- Monthly Royalty Reporting

- Monthly Revenue Analysis

- OSRAP Accounts Receivable Reporting

- Mineral Resources Annual Financial Report

- SONRIS-Accounting Services Adjustments and Refunds


(225) 342-4530

LaSalle Building- Rm 1247G

Susan Broadway

Payables Manager


-LaCarte Purchasing Card


-Vendor Payments

-Petty Cash Replenishment


(225) 342-9160

LaSalle Building- Rm 1248

Katie Vance

Budget Manager


-Security Administration


(225) 342-9005

LaSalle Building- Rm 1250

Andre Richard

Administrative Services Manager


-Fuel Trac

-Property Control

-Records Retention 



(225) 342-2953

LaSalle Building- Rm 1246A

Ryan Edwards

Contracts & Grants Manager





(225) 342-2583

LaSalle Building- Rm 1251