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This website is designed to assist individual consumers, businesses and industry work with the Department. Shown below are key services, and frequently accessed programs, that will direct you towards the appropriate part of the Department that can best assist you.

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Information about frequently accessed DENR services and programs of interest to businesses and consumers
Service or Program
Abandoned & Orphaned Oil Wells - Site Restoration
Bayou Corne
Bid on a Tract of Land through the Mineral Board
Bid List - How to Become a Vendor on DENR's Bid List
Clean Marina Program
Coastal Management Program
Coastal Use Permit Application
Coastal Use Permit Tracking
Conservation Public Hearings
Conservation Orders
Consistency Review Application
Contracts and Grants
Custodian of Records
Directory of DENR Offices by Floor
Drilling Permits
Energy Reports (Including Energy Facts Newsletter)
Exploration & Production Waste
False River Restoration Project
Fisherman's Gear Compensation Program
(DNR) Glossary of Terms
Ground Water Resources
Haynesville Shale
HERO Application
History of Office of Conservation and Photos of Commissioners (Since 1912)
Industrial Programs
Land Conservation Organizations (Certified)
Litigation Disclosure Report
Local Coastal Programs
Louisiana Fuel and Team Playbook
Mineral and Energy Board / State Mineral Leasing
News, Newsletters, Public Information, and Media Center
Nominate a Tract of State Land for Leasing
Office of Conservation
Office of Management & Finance
Oil & Gas Regulatory Program
Oilfield Site Restoration Program
Operating Agreements
Oyster Lease Damage Evaluation
Producer and Transporter Reporting
Public Records Requests

Rig Count Maps & Energy Exploration Updates

Royalty Reporting
RFPs, SFPs - Bid on Contracts
Seismic Permits
SONRIS: Online Access to Databases, Documents & GIS
State Energy Office
Surface Water Management Program
Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
Underground Injection Control
Underwater Obstructions Removal Program
Water-Wise in BR Campaign