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Seal of the Louisiana Department of Energy and Natural ResourcesAre You Environmentally Correct? Take the quiz to find out!


Louisiana RoperASW Study PowerPoint DocumentThe Governor's Office of Environmental Education commissioned RoperASW to conduct a survey of Louisiana residents in July 2002 on the topics of environmental knowledge, attitudes and behavior. The results of the survey were recently announced and have been circulated to teachers, interested groups, libraries, legislators and the media. For more information, contact the EE Office at 225-763-3537, or download the PowerPoint document.

1) How is most of the electricity in the U.S. generated?

b) oil, coal, and wood

2) What is the most common cause of pollution of streams, rivers, and oceans?

b) surface water run off

3) What do you think is the main cause of global climate change or the warming of the planet Earth?

a) more carbon emissions

4) What percentage of the world’s water is fresh and available for use?

d) one percent

5) The current reduction in the number of certain species of salt-water fish is primarily due to which of the following?

b) increased harvesting by fishing vessels

6) What is the leading cause of childhood death worldwide?

c) germs in water

7) What is the most common reason that an animal becomes extinct?

a) human destruction of habitats

8) There are thousands of waste disposal areas-dumps and landfills-in the U.S. that hold toxic waste. What is the greatest threat posed by these waste disposal areas?

a) contamination of water supplies

9) Many communities are concerned about running out of room in their community trash dumps and landfills. What is the greatest source of landfill material?

b) paper products including newspapers, cardboard and packaging

10) Some scientists have expressed concern that certain chemicals and minerals may accumulate in the human body at dangerous levels. Primarily, what do these chemicals and minerals enter the body through?

a) drinking water

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