Visiting DENR


LaSalle Building Directory by Floor

1st Floor


Griffon Room

The Natural Resources Hearing Room



LaBelle Room

The Conservation and Mineral Resources Hearing Room


Griffon Room, 1st Floor, LaSalle Building LaBelle Room, 1st Floor, LaSalle Building


Department of Revenue      2nd to 7th Floors


Disaster Recovery Unit       6th Floor


Board of Ethics                  10th  Floor


Department of Economic Development       11th Floor


Department of Energy and Natural Resources       8th to 12th Floors


8th Floor   - Office of Mineral Resources

  • Assistant Secretary
  • Mineral Income
  • Geological, Engineering, and lands

    Office of Conservation

  • Environmental
  • Injection and Mining
  • Ground Water Resources

9th Floor   - Office of Conservation

  • Commissioner of Conservation
  • Assistant Commissioner
  • Engineering - Production Audit - Oilfield Site Restoration -  Well Files
  • Geological Oil and Gas Division - pipeline - Log Files - Mapping

10th Floor   - Office of Coastal Management

  • Assistant Secretary
  • Permits and Mitigation
  • Interagency Affairs and Field Services

   LA Board of Ethics


 11th Floor

  • La. Dept. of Economic Development


 12th Floor  - Office of the Secretary

  • Secretary
  • undersecretary
  • Legal
  • Human Resources
  • Public Information and Communications 
  • Budget and Fiscal Services
  • Technology Assessment and State Energy office
  • Procurement - Contracts and Grants