The mission of the Enforcement Section is to bring unauthorized activities within the LA Coastal Zone into compliance with the Louisiana Coastal Resource Program (LCRP) to reduce impacts to coastal resources by issuing enforcement actions. In addition, this section ensures monitoring of permitted activities and compliance with the mitigation requirement and the terms and conditions of Coastal Use Permits.

Enforcement authority includes issuing administrative penalties, Cease and Desist Orders, contributions to the coastal resources fund, restoration of the impacted area to preconstruction conditions, and/or cost of mitigation or restoration via civil or criminal court proceedings.

A uniform compliance approach ensures accurate documentation to assign accountability and responsibility to the appropriate party and to provide for the execution and timely resolution of activities.

To report or inquire about a possible unauthorized activity within the Louisiana Coastal Zone please complete the attached Incident report form and email to Robert Williamson or via mail or fax at the address/number listed on the form.