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Louisiana Eastern Oil and Gas Fields and Programmatic Support Section


The Eastern Louisiana Oil and Gas Fields and Programmatic Support Section is responsible for the geological oversight of matters in the eastern part of Louisiana, including the adjacent offshore areas. (see map)

This oversight includes the Oil and Gas Hearing and Unitization matters in that area with respect to the review of geological and related issues critical to the Division’s mandates and mission.  In addition to those responsibilities, this section also manages the Solicitation of Views requests, the Critical Date Order Geological Review, the Waiver of Production Test requests, special and highly technical and controversial matters including State Exhibit A mapping and unit configuration as well as the Log Files Unit which provides well log imaging, well log electronic submission and quality control and support to the Division, the Office of Conservation, and to the industry and public as well.

Proposed forms of Order for normal hearings and critical date hearings can be sent via email to the Orders Management Section. Requests for critical date hearings must be accompanied by the Estimated Economic Impact Statement. Questions and requests can be directed to contact information provided on this page. 

All Conservation Orders are now available on the Internet for download via the Document Access component DENR's Strategic Online Natural Resources Information System (SONRIS). Certified copies of Office of Conservation Orders are issued by the section upon request.

The Louisiana Western Oil and Gas Fields and Orders Management Section houses historical maps for both wildcat areas and designated fields as well as other useful maps, and provides access to the Department of Energy and Natural Resources SONRIS database and document imaging applications through computers located in the Geological Map Room.  The Map Room can be found in the LaSalle Building, 9th Floor, Room 970 at 617 North Third St., Baton Rouge, LA.  Directions to the building and instructions for parking can be found HERE.


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GIS Analyst 3
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