Class VI Carbon Sequestration Program


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  • Memorandum
  • Memo to Interested Parties for Louisiana Class VI Injection Wells - Modified January 2024
  • Primacy Press Release
  • EPA Grants Louisiana Office of Conservation State Authority Over CO2 Injection and Sequestration - Published December 2023
  • Federal Register Notice of Public Hearings
  • Federal Register notice of public hearings held for EPA's proposal to issue a final rule approving Louisiana's application to implement the UIC program for Class VI injection wells located within the State, except on Indian lands. An in-person public hearing was held June 21-23, 2023 at Louisiana Department of Energy and Natural Resources, and a virtual public hearing was held on June 30, 2023. - Published May 2023
  • Full Primacy Application
  • The State of Louisiana's Final Class VI USEPA Primacy Application including updated Memorandum of Agreement - Revised March 2023