Office of Conservation

Pipeline Division
LaSalle Building, 9th Floor

The Pipeline Division regulates the use, end-use, conservation, and transportation facilities for movement of intrastate natural gas; regulates carbon dioxide pipelines and compressed natural gas fueling facilities; and they serve as clearing house to provide infomation to users of natural gas regarding the availability of supplies of natural gas. The Division is also responsible for a comprehensive pipeline safety inspection and enforcement program for both intrastate natural gas and hazardous liquids pipelines, and damage prevention enforcement on pipeline right of ways.


Pipeline Safety Program >>

The Pipeline Safety Program is responsible for regulating over 400 different intrastate pipeline operators to ensure safety and compliance with the regulations are achieved. Our duties consist of pipeline operator inspections, compliance and enforcement, safety programs, accident investigations, and record maintenance and reporting.


Pipeline Operations Program >>

The Pipeline Operations Program regulates the construction, acquisition, abandonment and interconnection of natural gas pipelines, as well as, the transportation and use of natural gas supplies.


Damage Prevention Program >>

The Damage Prevention Program enforces the laws that promote the protection of property, workmen, and citizens in the immediate vicinity of an underground utility or facility from damage, death, or injury and to promote the health and well-being of the community by preventing the interruption of essential services which may result from the destruction of, or damage to, underground facilities or utilities.



What's New

Pipeline Owners/Operators are required to file their PLS-OR-1: Organization Report on-line.


Pipeline Division Contact Information

Physical Address
617 North Third Street
LaSalle Building, 9th Floor
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70802

Mailing Address
P.O. Box 94275
Baton Rouge, Louisiana 70804

Phone (225) 342-5505

Pipeline Division Director
Steven Giambrone