Louisiana Office of Conservation





NEW FEES - HB 784 of 2015 regular session established new fees for traditionally fee-exempt processes. Pages 3 and 4 of HB 784 provide a list of the applications and associated fees that will be required; a formal fee schedule and definitions of the applicable applications will be published at a later date. However, PLEASE NOTE THESE FEES WILL BE REQUIRED FOR ALL LISTED APPLICATIONS RECEIVED ON OR AFTER AUGUST 1, 2015. For multi-well operator changes, please utilize this new form (also found on the Forms page) to account for the new fees. Please visit the Permits Section webpage for links to many of the processes described in HB 784.


NEW RULES – Amendments to LAC 43:XIX.101, 104 and 137 can be found here.  The new rules include additional financial security requirements (please visit our financial security webpage for more information) as well as rules regarding inactive wells. As stated in the rule, all wells which have been inactive for four or more years as of May 20, 2015 shall have one year, until May 20, 2016 to either be plugged, to be added to a schedule to be plugged or to comply with the financial security requirements and begin paying the annual $250.00 per well assessment.


For questions related to Inactive Wells, please contact DENR Office of Conservation, Brent Campbell at brent.campbell@la.gov.