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E & P Waste Studies

The Office of Conservation of the Louisiana Department of Energy and Natural Resources promulgated rule changes regarding regulation of commercial exploration and production (E&P) waste treatment and disposal facilities in Louisiana.  The basis for the regulatory changes began with implementation of a comprehensive E&P waste sampling and analytical testing program implemented statewide as a result of concerns voiced by residents living near a commercial E&P waste treatment and disposal facility in Grand Bois, Louisiana.

Upon completion of the statewide testing program, sample results were then validated and statistically analyzed by Louisiana State University to characterize E&P waste received by Louisiana commercial facilities. Following the conclusion of E&P waste characterization, a comprehensive health risk analysis of existing commercial facility operations in Louisiana was finalized by a contract toxicologist and submitted to Conservation with health protective recommendations, thus establishing the impetus for promulgating the regulatory changes.

LSU Studies to Characterize E & P Waste
Comprehensive Health Risk Analysis

Risk-Based Evaluation of Exploration and Production Wastes

Minimum Safe Distance (MSD) Calculations