Presentations from the FY 15/16 Louisiana Coastal Parish Local Coastal Management Programs Managers’ Meeting - June 29, 2016

Organizing Outreach and Maximizing Benefits: The Program for Public Information:  Melissa T. Daigle, Louisiana Sea Grant Law & Policy

Update on the 2017 Master Plan: Karim Belhadjali, Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority

The Louisiana Local Coastal Management Programs Managers' Meetings Training Series

This is a series of instructional classes to assist program managers to effectively operate parish regulatory programs.  Presentations from these training classes are provided below.  Please contact Jon Truxillo with questions.  

March 7, 2017 Meeting: Field Investigations and Wetland Plant Identification

Conducting a Field Investigation

Wetland Types and Plant Identification in Louisiana 

Creating Elevation Profiles in Google Earth

Parish Data Submission


June 27, 2017 Meeting: Mitigation Resources

LCMP Mitigation Presentation

Wetland Value Assessment Models

Saline Marsh

Brackish Marsh

Fresh/Intermediate Marsh 

Fresh Swamp

Bottomland Hardwood

Template Mitigation Landowner Letters

Letter to Applicant - Applicant is Sole Landowner

Letter to Applicant - Applicant is Not Landowner

Letter to Applicant - Applicant is Not Landowner < 1 acre impact

Mitigation Plan Approval Letters

Contribution to Coastal Management Account (CMA) with In-Lieu Fee (ILF) Option

Contribution to CMA with ILF or Mitigation Bank Option

Contribution to CMA

ILF Program Purchase

Individual Mitigation Plan Approval

Mitigation Bank Credit Purchase

Other Mitigation Resources

Example - WVA Request 

Jefferson Parish Example - Mitigation Options Based on Field Investigation and WVA

WVA Form

Mitigation Plan Review Form

OCM Approved Mitigation Banks

Salinity Ranges for Coastal Marsh Habitats