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Downhole Combination

The term "Downhole Combination" refers to a well producing more than one sand simultaneously. An application is submitted in letter form which describes the proposed sands to be commingled and the necessity of the project.

An application is reviewed for and must contain the following criteria:

  • An explanation of a need for the procedure.
  • A discussion of the drive mechanisms and pressure history of the sands in which commingling is proposed.
  • Engineering Data:
    • The reservoir must be wholly contained under one lease.
      • Otherwise, the written concurrence of all the affected parties is required with the application.
      • If a mineral owner is the State of Louisiana, the State Mineral Board's written approval is required.
    • Field Name
    • Well Name and Number
    • Well Serial Number
    • Location description:
      • Surface and bottom hole
    • Current sand and perforations
    • Current well status
  • Wellbore diagram showing the proposed well configuration, sands and perforations.
  • Well logs showing top and base of sands to be commingled.
    • A five-inch log is preferred.
  • Structure maps of the reservoirs involved showing the:
    • Lease boundaries and
    • Reservoir productive limits
  • A statement of whether the subject sands are unitized or not
    • If the subject sands are unitized, include:
      • Order information that unitized the sands and its effective date
      • Order information that authorizes the downhole combination of the subject sands and its effective date, if available.
      • Unitized sands can be approved for downhole commingling administratively if interests in the reservoirs are the same. Otherwise, a hearing is required.
  • The rules of Statewide Order 29-E are applicable unless well spacing is set by Field Order.
  • The current fee for administrative applications is $504.