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Substitute Unit Wells

A substitute unit well application is submitted in letter form and describes the circumstances of the application.

An application is reviewed for the following criteria:

  • A statement of need or desire for substitute well.
  • A plat showing the unit boundaries, the unit name, the proposed substitute unit well with its location description, the existing unit well, acreage, date & scale.
  • The well spacing to any unit boundary must conform to the rules of Statewide Order 29-E being more than 330 feet or as the Order that created the unit specifies.
  • The spacing between wells producing from the same zone must conform to the rules of Statewide Order 29-E.
  • A list of the names and addresses of all interested parties.
  • A statement that all interested parties have been notified of the substitution.
  • The applicable fee can be found in the latest fee schedule. (Click Here)