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How to Obtain a Seismic Permit on State Owned Lands and Water Bottoms

Prior to conducting seismic activities on state owned lands or water bottoms, a permit must be obtained from the Office of Mineral Resources (OMR), or, if the state owned lands or water bottoms are leased, a permit or permission must be obtained from the state lessee.

OMR issues two types of seismic permit:

  1. Non-Exclusive Seismic Permits (“regular seismic permits”) are generally issued within 15 days of receipt of a properly completed application and acceptable base map.  The term is for one year.  OMR will continue to issue other seismic permits and accept lease nominations in the permit area.
  2. The Exclusive Geophysical Agreement (EGA) issuing process usually takes three (3) to four (4) months.  The EGAs have a term of 18 months with an optional six (6) month extension.  Under an EGA, the permitee may obtain exclusive rights to acquire seismic data, nominate acreage for lease, and select acreage to be leased following seismic acquisition in the area of the EGA.

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Basic Procedures for Non-Exclusive Seismic Permits


    1. Complete an Application for Non-Exclusive Seismic Permit [PDF].

    2. Prepare an acceptable base map.

    3. Submit two copies of a properly completed Application for Non-Exclusive Seismic Permit and an acceptable base map to the following address:

      Geology Lands Administrator
      Office of Mineral Resources
      Louisiana Department of Natural Resources
      617 N. Third Street, 8th Floor
      Baton Rouge, LA 70802
      Post Office Box 2827
      Baton Rouge, LA 70821-2827

OMR's staff will verify application information and map acreages, prepare the permit, and send the permit and invoice to the applicant for signature and payment.  The permit becomes effective when OMR receives the applicant's signed permit and permit fee.

Sample Non-Exclusive Seismic Permit Form


Basic Procedures for Exclusive Geophysical Agreement (EGA)
  1. Contact OMR through Mr. Byron Miller at (225) 342-7121, to set up a meeting with OMR staff.
  2. At the meeting, the applicant should present the area of interest and type of EGA being requested.  Plan to explain the survey objectives and present an acceptable base map.
  3. OMR staff will determine if an EGA should be granted in the area of interest and will also decide under what special conditions, if any, the EGA should be granted.  The type of EGA requested and the level of leasing activity in the area are some of the determining factors used by OMR staff in considering an EGA. For example, an area experiencing leasing activity may or may not be considered appropriate for an EGA because the area would have to be taken out of commerce for a minimum of 18 months or maximum of (2) years if an EGA should be granted in the area of interest.
  4. OMR staff will set the minimum terms for seismic fee, lease bonus amount and royalty, if applicable.  The applicant will be provided with this information.  If accepted by the applicant, these minimums will be recommended to the State Mineral and Energy Board (Board) for approval.
  5. Upon Board approval, the applicant may apply to OMR's Leasing Section to nominate the area for public bidding at the next lease sale.  A nomination letter, including plat and legal description of the area, with an application fee of $400.00 must be submitted according to the date schedule set by the Leasing Section.
  6. The EGA will then be advertised for bid at the scheduled lease sale. 
  7. The applicant may bid for the EGA at the advertised lease sale.  An EGA will be awarded to the winning bidder at the lease sale.
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