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The Injection and Mining Division (IMD) has the responsibility of implementing two major federal environmental programs which were statutorily charged to the Office of Conservation: the Underground Injection Control (UIC) program with federal oversight from the Environmental Protection Administration (EPA) and the Surface Mining Program with federal oversight from the U.S. Department of the Interior, Office of Surface Mining.


Underground Injection Control Section >>

The Underground Injection Control (UIC) Section administers a regulatory and permit program to protect underground sources of drinking water from endangerment by the subsurface emplacement of both hazardous and non-hazardous fluids through deep well injection, and other oilfield waste disposal techniques.


Surface Mining Section >>

The Surface Mining Section is responsible for the regulation of exploration, development, and surface mining operations for coal and lignite, and protection of state and private lands.


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Pending IMD Orders

New & Amended Regulations

Injection & Mining Policy Statements

  • INTRA-OFFICE POLICY STATEMENT IMD 1999-03Maximum Allowable Surface Injection Pressure (MASIP) for Class II Disposal Wells
  • IMD-GS-01, Amendment 4Single String Casing Completion Requirements for SWD and EOR wells (7/1/2016)
  • IMD-GS-08Public Notice Requirements for Applications for Solution-Mined Salt Caverns, Hydrocarbon Storage in a Solution-mined Salt Cavern, and Associated SWD Wells (4/2/2007)
  • IMD-GS-09, Amendment 1Determination of a Maximum Allowable Surface Injection Pressure for Class II Saltwater Disposal and Enhanced Oil Recovery Wells by Applying the Provisions of LAC 43:XIX.405.B.4 to the Confining Zone (2/15/2017). Revocation effective (02/03/2020)
    • IMD-GS-09 and IMD-GS-09, Amendment 1 Revocation Any increased injection pressures (MASIP) issued after effective date of this memorandum shall be in conformance with the current regulatory requirements of Statewide Order 29-B, Chapter 4 (LAC:XIX.Subpart 1) (02/03/2020). Any Class II wells previously issued an increased MASIP pursuant to Policy Numbers IMD-GS-09 and IMD-GS-09, Amendment 1 may continue to operate under said provisions and requirements until February 15, 2022
  • IMD-GS-10Location Plat Requirements for the Injection and Mining Division (5/24/2011)
  • IMD-GS-11Maximum Allowable Formation Pressure (MAFP) in Class II Salt Water Disposal (SWD) Wells and Enhanced Recovert (EOR) Wells Injecting Produced Water or Brine (9-1-2017)
  • IMD-GS-13
    Fluid Analysis Requirements for Class II Salt Water Disposal (SWD) and Enhanced Recovery (EOR) Wells
  • IMD-GS-14Minimum standards for sonar caliper survey reports in solution-mined salt caverns (Class III-BR, Class II-HSW, and Class V-Storage) effective 1/9/2023
  • IMD-GS-15Bottom of Zone Plug Requirements for Class II Salt Water Disposal (SWD) and Enhanced Recovery (EOR) Injection Wells (effective 6/5/2024)

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