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Forms Assistance

To view a form on the Forms page

  1. Identify the form you wish to open.
  2. Click on the PDF link. Adobe Acrobat Reader should immediately launch and the form display within the browser window.
  3. If Adobe Acrobat Reader does not launch and you are asked for what type of application to open the file with, download a free copy of the latest Adobe Acrobat Reader from the Adobe web site. You must have at least Adobe Acrobat Reader 4.0 installed on your computer to view, complete and print Conservation fillable forms.

To complete a fillable form

(Macintosh users: please use equivalent commands.)

  1. Click on the link to open the fillable form in Adobe Acrobat Reader through your browser.
  2. Use either the hand tool in the Adobe Acrobat window or the scroll bar on the right side of the Internet browser window to move the form around to view all areas.
  3. To enter text in a form field: Your mouse pointer hand will change to an "I-beam" over a form field where you can enter text. Just click in the field and enter text.
  4. Once you have entered text in a field, press TAB to accept text entered and go to the next field.
  5. Press SHIFT+TAB to accept text entered and go back to the previous field.
  6. RETURN takes you down another line in a multi-line field.
  7. When in a check box, you can click the space bar to put in or take out a check mark.

To print a filled-in form

  1. Be sure to fill out the form completely before you print it. Note: The contents of a form field will not print if the field is active (contains a blinking bar).
  2. To print the completed form, click the "PRINT" icon on the Adobe Acrobat tool bar on the form. If you click the "PRINT" icon on the browser tool bar, you will get a copy of the form embedded in the Web page.
  3. In the print dialouge box, click on the "Name" drop down box to select the name of the appropriate printer.  Next, check the box marked "Choose Paper Source Based on PDF page size."  (If the image of the Form does not adust to the proper layout and size, then see No. 4 below).  Click on the "OK" button to print.
  4. If the image of the Form in the print dialouge box does not adjust to the proper layout and size of the Form, you may need to adjust it manually.  Check the layout (portrait or landscape) and size (letter or legal) of the form to be printed. Click on the "PROPERTIES" or "PREFERENCES" button in the print dialouge box, and set the layout and size accordingly. Click on the "OK" button in the properties dialouge box, and then the "OK" button in print dialouge box to print.

To download and save a fillable form to your computer or network to use again

Note: Conservation forms are periodically revised. If you choose to download a form to your computer please check back periodically to make sure you have the latest version.

  1. To save a completed "fillable" form, click the "SAVE" icon on the Adobe Acrobat tool bar on the form.  If an Adobe Acrobat tool bar is not visable through your browser, select "Save As" from the browser menu.
  2. Accept the destination directory for the download file (or choose another), and click "SAVE."
  3. Locate the form where you saved it, then double-click on the form to open.

- OR -

  1. Locate and launch the Acrobat Reader program on your computer by clicking the START button, then PROGRAMS, then Adobe Acrobat Reader.
  2. Choose FILE, then OPEN, and locate the form file where you saved it.

To erase your data from a filled-in form

  1. Click on the CLEAR FORM button to remove data after completing form.
  2. Close the browser window or close the form.