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The Office of Conservation has begun to incorporate some forms that can be Filled-in, Saved & Printed using Adobe Reader. Please refer to the Forms Assistance page for guidance in using these forms.

Class-II Well Integrity Affidavit

Injection & Mining Division
UIC-1 Class-I Injection Well Application     PDF
UIC-2 SWD Class-II Injection Well Application (Fillable)   Word PDF
UIC-2 EOR Class-II EOR Application (Fillable)   Word PDF
UIC-2 HSW Class-II Hydrocarbon Storage Well Application   Word PDF
UIC-2 COM SWD Class-II Commercial Injection Well Application     PDF
UIC-2 FS Formation Storage Well Permit Application     PDF
UIC-2 SFI COM Class-II Commercial Slurry Fracture Injection Well Application     PDF
UIC-2 MASIP Class-II Request to Amend the Maximum Authorized Surface Injection Pressure     PDF
UIC-3 BR Class-III Brine Extraction Well Application   Word PDF
UIC-4 Class-II Hydrocarbon Storage Inspection Form CES Use Only
UIC-4C Salt Cavern Safety Inspection Form   Word PDF
UIC-5       PDF
UIC-6 Class-I Well Integrity Affidavit     PDF
UIC-7 Class-II Injection Well Inspection Form CES Use Only
UIC-8 Class-I Injection Well Inspection Form CES Use Only
UIC-9 Class-II Annular Saltwater Disposal Well Application     PDF
UIC-10 Instructions for Online Filing   Word PDF
UIC-10 Annual Disposal/Injection Well Monitoring Report Excel Word PDF
  UIC-10A: Source Fluid Attachment Excel    
  UIC-10A: Report, Attachment, and Instructions     PDF
UIC-11 Mechanical Integrity Noncommercial Class II Daily Monitor Log     PDF
UIC-13 Community Saltwater Disposal System Initial Notification   Word PDF
UIC-13  Example of a Community Disposal Well Working Agreement     PDF
UIC-14 Application for Subsurface Disposal of Reserve Pit Fluids     PDF
UIC-17 Injection Well Work Permit     PDF
UIC-24 Class-I Quarterly Report     PDF
UIC-25 Class-V Well Application     PDF
UIC-25R Class V Remediation Area Permit Application     PDF
UIC-25R Repermit Class V Remediation Repermit Application     PDF
UIC-25 STRAT TEST Class V Stratigraphic Test Well Permit Application     PDF
UIC-30 Work permit to Plug & Abandon a Well utilized for NORM disposal     PDF
UIC-32 Class-II Injection Well Application to Change Disposal/Injection Zone   Word PDF
UIC-36 Injection Pressure & Rate Monitoring Log
Use Only When Requested By IMD
UIC-38 Class-III Brine Well Inspection Form CES Use Only
UIC-39 Inspection Narrative Form CES Use Only
UIC-42 Class-V Well History and Work Resume Report (Fillable PDF)     PDF
UIC-42 Strat Test Class V Stratigraphic Test Well History and Work Resume Report (Revised 3/16/23)     PDF
UIC-42R Work Resume Report for Class V Remediation Wells     PDF
UIC-43 Class-II E&P Waste Disposal in a Salt Cavern Applicaiton     PDF
UIC-45R P&A Affidavit for Class V Remediation Projects     PDF
UIC-50 Salt Cavern Weekly Monitoring Log & Summary Report
*Replaces Forms UIC-33/34, UIC-44, & UIC-46*
UIC-55 SCS Class 5 Storage Well Application     PDF
UIC-P&A Injection Well Plug and Abandonment Report     PDF
UIC-WH1 Well History & Work Resume Report for Injection Wells     PDF
OR-1 Organizational Report Excel   PDF
RTS-PIT RTS: Guidelines & Procedures for Annular Disposal of Pit Fluids   Word  
RTS-ANN RTS: Guidelines & Procedures for Annular Saltwater Disposal Wells   Word  
RTS-T&P RTS: Guidelines & Procedures for Disposal Wells Completed w/Tubing and Packer   Word  
RTS-PKR RTS: Guidelines & Procedures for Packerless Disposal Wells   Word  
RTS-TDS RTS: Time Drive Supplement   Word  
RTS-LOG RTS: Log Sheet     PDF
CBL Cement Bond Logging Guidelines     PDF
CSG-T Affidavit of Test of Casing in Well   Word PDF
CSG-TSC Affidavit of Casing Test for Salt Cavern Wells   Word  
IMD-1 Request for Expedited Review   Word PDF
PFOT PFOT Data Reporting Sheet Excel